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French Press vs Pour Over Coffee – Which is Better?

It depends on your lifestyle and preferences. You may prefer French press coffee if you prefer full bodied, bold, strong and rich in taste and with more customization and flexibility in brewing.

If you prefer subtle flavors, no grits in your coffee, you definitely prefer pour over coffee. Some coffee connoisseur prefer pour overs for the intricate and subtle flavour.

Personally I do prefer french press coffee. Since the equipments for french press or pour over coffee are so easily bought everywhere in Amazon or Walmarts, I do brew both styles depending on the mood of the day.

Let us read more on what are the differences between pour over and french press.

What is a Pour Over Coffee?

Pour over coffee is made by pouring hot water over grinded coffee beans held over a paper filter. The hot water seeps through. collecting the oils and essence from the coffee beans, and drips in a pot or cup. Pour over coffee is preferred among enthusiasts as it allows control of taste, strength better than other brewing methods.

Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over Coffee

It allows an even distribution of water throughout the beans, and creates a vibrant flavorful coffee.

How to make pour over coffee?

  1. Boil water
  2. Grind the coffee beans freshly
  3. Pre-wet your coffee paper filter
  4. Prepare the coffee bloom
  5. Do 4 pour over coffee till you get that perfect blend. Enjoy!

Step 1 for Pour Over Coffee- Boiling Water

Boil about 20 ounce of water (600ml) of water. Once the water starts to boil, switch off the heat and let it cools for 30 to 60 seconds. The water will reach the ideal brewing temperature of around 195F – 205F (around 90°C to 95°C)

Step 2 – Grinding Coffee

Freshly ground coffee makes the difference, so do grind it just before serving. If not, pre-grinded coffee works okay too.

Coffee Grinding

Coffee Grinding

You can use a rough coffee ratio of 1 tablespoon (0.28 ounces or 8gram) per 7 ounces of hot water (200ml). For 20 ounces of water (600ml) that is about 3 tablespoon (about 1 ounce or 24g) of coffee grounds.

Step 3 – Pre Wet Coffee Paper

Place the coffee paper filter over the dripper and pour hot water all over the filter in a circular motion, wetting the whole paper. This make sure the coffee will not tastes of paper, and the filter will fits properly in the dripper.

Do remember to throw away the hot water used.

Step 4- Coffee Bloom

Pour the coffee grounds in the filter, and gently tap to let the coffee ground settles evenly. Ensure that the dripper is placed over the coffee jar or cup. Pour just enough hot water to wet the coffee grounds to start the coffee bloom.

Coffee Bloom

Coffee Bloom

Coffee bloom is the swelling of coffee beans that releases carbon dioxide, as well as its aroma and flavors. Allow coffee to bloom for 30 – 60 seconds that creates rich, bold, full bodied flavors.

Step 5- 4 Pours of Heavens.

Now the fun really starts.

For the first pour, in a circular motion from the outer edge and towards the center, slowly pour the hot water over the beans around 10 – 15 seconds. Once completed, allows the coffee to seep down and you can do the 2nd pour. The first pour coffee is more strong and acidic.

Around 30 seconds later, the dripping should slow or stop. You can start your 2nd pour. This time, do it slowly for 45 – 60 seconds, pour in a circular motion from outer edge and towards the center, and back at the outer edge again, ensuring you pour over all the coffee beans. The circular motions allows some minor stirring of the beans, and prevents missing out any grounds near the filter paper.

As the coffee seeps down, you can start the 3rd pour, pouring additional water using the same circular motion for around 15 – 20 seconds.

Once the dripping slows again, start the 4th and final pour, using the same techniques as the previous pouring. Your pour over coffee is now done and you can serve. Enjoy!

What is a Drip Coffee? Is Drip Coffee Same as Pour Over Coffee?

Drip coffee is a kind of filter coffee that is generally mass produced for sales. Drip coffee is different from pour over coffee, even though they look the same. Both drip and pour over coffee have water poured over coffee ground, both have coffee dripping down by gravity.

However, pour over coffee has a much high quality. Drip coffee is done by mechanical coffee machines that has less control over temperature stability, inconsistent pouring style, and not much customization to adjust the coffee tastes. So most coffee lovers would say: No, drip and pour over are different.

What is a French Press Coffee?

A french press coffee is made by soaking coarse-ground coffee beans in hot water for roughly 4 minutes. A french press (mesh plunger) is used to press down and separate the beans, leaving a more flavourful coffee. French press is one of the easiest and fastest way to make rich aromatic coffee.

French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee

Advantages of the French Press

  • French press coffee has a richer and satisfying taste.
  • easy to customize grind size, amount of beans to control strength and taste of coffee.
  • the coffee oils in french press is more distinct and sharp, allowing a stronger brew

As the hot water stays in contact with the coffee bean from start till finish, it is thicker in texture and mouth feel. The essence gets pulled into the coffee for a strong brew. Furthermore, there are many ways you can customize the french press

Customizing the French Press Coffee

  1. grind size of the coffee beans
  2. amount of coffee beans in the french press
  3. amount of hot water
  4. duration of time to brew coffee

Compared to other methods such as pour over, french press coffee can be too rich and strong for some.

How to Prepare French Press Coffee? 7 Easy Steps.

7 Steps Coffee French Press Recipe

  1. Clean your french press thoroughly, and pull out the plunger.
  2. Grind your coffee beans to coarse grains, add them into the french press
  3. Add 1 tablespoon (8gram or 0.28 ounces) of coffee grounds for every 7 ounce (200ml) of water.
  4. Pour hot water (just before boiling temperature) into the pot and gently stir.
  5. Place the plunger back, but do not plunge first, leave it on top of the water and leave it for 3 – 4 minutes
  6. After 3-4 minutes, plunge it downward steadily.
  7.  Enjoy savoring your french press coffee.
    Coffee French Press Recipe

    Coffee French Press Recipe

3 Tips if you want the Best French Press Coffee!

  1. Before you brew, make sure your french press has been thoroughly cleaned. Any old coffee grounds and residues will leave a bitter flavor in your new, fresh coffee.
  2. If you can, please only grind your coffee beans just before brewing it. This will keep the coffee oils and aroma fresh and flavorful for you.
  3. And the best part of french press coffee:- Customization! You can to have it your way!

Best advantage of french press coffee is customization

Do note that the biggest quality advantage of french press coffee is that it allows so much customization by the coffee drinker. There are so much you can vary and customise coffee brewing by french press

  • ratio of coffee grounds to water.
  • the grind size of the ground
  • the temperature of the water.
  • the length of time the coffee ground soaks in the water before plugging.

You will find that different variations extract different aroma and texture for your unique, customized coffee.

Coffee French Press Ratio

You can use a rough ratio of 1 tablespoon (0.28 ounces or 8gram) per 7 ounces of hot water (200ml). This ratio is the most common and best for most coffee lovers.

Do feel free to adjust this ratio to get the ideal richness of the coffee that you desire.


Well, to me, coffee is a wonderful gift that can brewed in so many different customized ways to exploit the richness and robustness of the flavors. Don’t just try one style, go ahead and play with pour over and french press and see which brewing method suits you the best!

Exotic Coffee Beans

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Laos Coffee Beans Freshly Harvested

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