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Lao, Ethiopian- Mountain & Forest Blend


  • Highland-Grown Lao Arabica
  • Organic & Family-grown coffee bean
  • Hand-pick bean
  • 100% roasted in Singapore
  • City Plus/City Roast
  • Dark Chocolate, Blueberries, Intense Finish, Winey, Merlot-like Acidity

Earn up to 20 Points.

Earn up to 20 Points.

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Grumpy and tired in the morning?
Sleepy after lunch and not productive?
Bored of the usual boring morning coffee?

Specialty 100% Organic Hand-picked Coffee Beans from 

Cooler, Highland Bolaven Plateau of Laos & Colombian Arabic Beans

Unique Taste of Mountain with Forest Blend!

Paksong F5 Mountain Forest

Our Arabica beans are grown 100% organically at high-altitude mountains, in the Bolaven Plateau of southern Laos.
Altitude is between 1600-2100m (5200-7000ft), depending on plantations or fields we own.
We then hand-pick only ripe, red coffee berries from the trees individually.Handpicking allows us to select only the correct, best ripe coffee berries, unlike commercial Starbucks grade.

After wet-processing into green coffee beans, we then hand-sort them again to only have nice, full beans.

We roast our beans in Singapore at a high-quality world-class roasting facility
using only state-of-the-art Probat roasting machines for both calibration and batch roasting.

100% Roasted in Singapore for FRESHNESS and QUALITY!

Why this tastes better than Starbucks?
1) Organically grown in cooler, highland Laos
2) Arabic beans of Laos and Colombian Blend
3) Handpicked for correct ripeness
4) 100% Roasted in SG for Freshness

This unique Mountain Forest blend F5 is blended for these taste notes:


Dark Chocolate, Blueberries, Intense Finish, Winey, Merlot-like acidity


Grade 1 Arabica, Lao washed, and Ethiopian Natural with 14 and up screen size.

Altitude: 1600m/2100m.

Paksong F5 Mountain & Forest Blend -info

Paksong F5 Mountain & Forest Blend -info


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